Jim Dunlop Big Stubby Review

Jim Dunlop Big Stubby Review: Is This The #1 Bass Guitar Pick?

Looking for the perfect pick for your bass guitar? Read our comprehensive Jim Dunlop Big Stubby Review to find out if it’s the right choice for you. Discover its features, pros, and cons, and make an informed decision for your bass playing needs.

Today we’re diving deep into one of my favorite bass guitar picks:

The “Jim Dunlop Big Stubby“.

This pick is a very popular choice amongst bass players, and why wouldn’t it be? It rocks!

Enough talk. Let’s see what makes this bass guitar pick awesome.

Jim Dunlop Big Stubby Review

The Stubby’s Unique Design

The “Dunlop Big Stubby” stands out from the crowd due to its distinctive design.

This pick is not your ordinary flat piece of plastic. Its substantial thickness and rounded edges offer a unique combination of technical precision and control for the bass.

The thickness provides durability, allowing it to withstand heavy playing, and the rounded edges create a warm, rounded tone that bassists love.

Control and Articulation

One of the key reasons the “Big Stubby” is favored by bassists is the level of control it provides.

The thickness and rounded shape of the plectrum make it easier to execute complex bass lines and techniques with clear note execution.


Bass strings can exert a significant amount of force on a pick, leading to wear and tear over time.

The “Big Stubby” is known for its exceptional durability. Its thickness and tough material ensure that it can handle the rigors of extensive playing without breaking or chipping.


The versatility of the “Big Stubby” cannot be overstated. It’s not just for one specific style of music.

Whether you’re into rock, funk, metal, or any other genre, this pick can adapt to your playing style. It can provide the punch and clarity you need for fast bass riffs, as well as the warmth and sustain for blues or jazz.

Comfort and Grip

Playing bass for extended periods can be physically demanding.

The “Big Stubby” offers a comfortable grip, allowing you to play for hours without hand fatigue. Its larger size and textured surface provide a secure hold, preventing slips during intense performances.

A Favorite Among Professionals

The “Big Stubby” has earned a reputation among professional bassists.

Many well-known players across various genres have chosen this pick as their go-to choice. Its consistency and reliability make it a favorite among those who demand the best from their bass guitar.

Jim Dunlop Big Stubby Review Conclusion

The “Dunlop Big Stubby” is widely considered the best bass guitar pick for numerous reasons:

  • Unique design
  • Control and articulation
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Comfort
  • The endorsement of many professionals in the industry

If you’re already a “Big Stubby” fan, keep rocking on. If not, give it a try, and I’m confident you’ll appreciate the difference it can make in your bass playing.

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