A Few Words

About Miles Halter

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Hey, I'm Miles!

Hello, fellow bassists! 

Thanks for checking out the website, and the About page!

I’m honestly just another intermediate electric bassist sharing his knowledge on the web.

I am traditionally a guitarist, but I fell in love with the bass guitar when I borrowed one from a friend in 2018. 

Fast forward to now, and I’m teaching new bassists how to navigate the fretboard like the pros!

My favorite bass players

If you want to know me by my music tastes, then this is probably the best metric.

I’ll continue to update this list over time.

  1. Jonas Hellborg
  2. Les Claypool
  3. Thundercat
  4. Justin Chancellor
  5.  David Hines
  6. Jimmy Haslip
  7.  Steve Harris
  8. Tal Wilkenfeld
  9. Anthony Jackson

Accurate Bass Lessons and Consistent Momentum Are Key Components to your Success in Learning Bass Guitar

Early and easy wins are critical for pushing forward in bass guitar and any other instrument.

Here at PlayElectricBass, I strive to make every bass and music theory lesson as simple and retainable as possible, so that you, the reader and student of bass, can continue to learn and improve your bass playing without confusion.