Bass Dyads: Improve Your Playing with 2 Note Chords

What are dyads?

Before you learn about full bass chords such as triads and 7th chords, I think it’s important for you to learn dyads.

A dyad is 2 notes played at the same time. You can call it a 2-note chord, a double stop, or a harmonic interval.

This is an example of a dyad that you can play on the bass:

C major dyad on bass guitar

Dyads are very common on the bass guitar because the bass neck is very wide, and we only have 4 strings to play chords, and we only have 4 fingers on the fret-hand available to us.

So, our options for harmony are very limited, relative to what you can do on a traditional 6-string guitar or a piano.

So, we incorporate dyads instead.

In this case, we incorporated the C major dyad to imply a C major chord.

Ready to learn how to play bass dyads?

That’s the simple definition of a dyad on the bass guitar.

In the next lesson, you’ll learn more about major dyads for bass.